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If you have a great idea for a business and you want to start working on it and bring it to life, then the only thing left for you to do is for you to decide which channel you want to use for your business. Even though a lot of people still like to go to brick and mortar stores, the fact is that most people actually prefer online shopping. People really love convenience, and there is absolutely nothing more convenient than shopping from the comfort of your own home. However, making this decision from a business owner standpoint, can be much more complicated. Today we are going to take a look at some of the pros and cons of having an online store in India, so make sure to keep reading in order to find out more, and hopefully get some help when it comes to making the right decision.

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You get incredible reach

We are going to start off this article by talking about one of the biggest pros of this type of retail, and that is the fact that you will get incredible reach like no other kind of retail can. You will not just be able to reach people in your area, but you will also have access to people all over the world, and what is more important, you will be able to do that via multiple channels and at any time of the day. You can combine different channels that will allow you to market and sell your products at the same time, while also bringing traffic back to your ecommerce website. A brick and mortar store has working hours, and that means that there is a time of the day where you cannot sell, which is not the case when you are working online. Day or night, holiday or not, your customers will be able to order your products which is one of the things that people really love about this kind of shopping. Of course, you will also be able to reach customers from all over the world, which is definitely not something that a traditional, physical startup business can achieve.

You can get into trouble with inventory

Managing your inventory in the most efficient way possible is incredibly important, but it is also something that will be incredibly difficult to do. This can particularly be a problem for business owners that keep track of their inventory separately for different channels. And while this may seem like a good idea, we have to say that it definitely isn’t and that you should rethink it. It is always good to separate a certain amount of product for every different channel that you are using, however, having a clear look on the full picture is always the way to go. The one advice that we can offer here is for you to make sure that you are using a good inventory management system that will allow you to have complete outlook over everything that has to do with your inventory because that is the only way for you to know what you can offer your customers and not have any issues with selling too much product that you cannot deliver.

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It is a more impersonal and disjointed experience

Something that online retail and shopping has done is that it has made shopping a lot less personal, which is a thing that a lot of people dislike about the process. People like to have personal contact when they shop and they like to feel special, and the online world could not be further from that. Another problem that you may come across is that you will find it very difficult to actually keep up with a consistent shopping experience for your customers. When someone shops at your site they want to have the same kind of positive experience every single time, and unfortunately that is very difficult to achieve with this kind of retail. This is particularly tricky when you are selling on multiple different channels, because that will really make it very difficult for you to keep up with your standards of retail, especially if you are working with different marketplaces, like Amazon or eBay, all of which have different rules and strategies when it comes to retail.

Deciding which channel is the perfect one for your business in India can be very difficult, especially since most business owners automatically go for the online retail store option. When it comes to this kind of retail, as you can see from the article above, there can be some definite pros and cons, so you have to really think about your choice. We hope that this article has helped you learn a bit more about the pros and cons of this kind of retail and that we have been able to help you take a better look at your business in order to find out what is the best option. We hope that you liked this article and that we helped you learn something new today.


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