Revealing the features of the best international eCommerce platforms

Revealing the features of the best international eCommerce platforms

Did you know that online sales in 2018 were worth a few trillion dollars? In the past ten years, the number of online sales is growing fast. What’s interesting is that more and more people from countries around the world have started using the Internet to purchase products and services. So, if you are a business owner who wants to reach the global audience, it’s highly recommended to use the Internet as a tool to achieve your objective. Using a good international eCommerce platform is one way to do this. Now let’s analyze some of the best international eCommerce platforms available to sellers today.


Shopify started as a very small company which was launched in 2004. In 2019, there are over half a million stores powered by this eCommerce platform which is used from Canada to China and from Norway to Australia. It would take a lot of space to write about all the things that this eCommerce platform offers and that’s why we will focus only on the most important ones. For starters, if you use Shopify you can integrate your store with Facebook and other social media platforms as well as with WordPress blogs. Next, as a registered user, you can expect 24/7 support. In addition, this platform has hundreds of applications and it simplifies the process of making and running an eCommerce websiteAdditional Reading:  International Ecommerce Platforms


While it’s true that Bigcommerce has shown up on this market a little bit later, this doesn’t make the platform less valuable. In fact, more than 100,000 eCommerce websites use this platform. Original Moxie, Martha Stewart and Toyota are some of the brands that rely on Bigcommerce. This platform is very strong when it comes to SEO tools and offers an excellent knowledge base. The cost covers both domain and web hosting.


Time Out, 20th Century Fox, Olympus – these are some of the world-renowned brands that use Magento. One of the things that make Magento different than the rest of the platforms is that it has tons of built-in features. So, there’s no need to use plugins, add-ons or apps. This is a very scalable solution which has a lively developer community. There is a free Magento Community version as well as a paid Magento Commerce version.  Unlike Shopify and Bigcommerce, it usually takes some technical knowledge and skills to build a website with Magento.

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