The Most Popular International eCommerce Platforms of 2019

The Most Popular International eCommerce Platforms of 2019

Every experienced eCommerce website owner knows that modern customers are becoming pickier. They look for a high level of convenience and special features when they are trying to purchase things online. So, if you want to please these customers you have to use an eCommerce platform that can help you. Of course, if you are trying to sell things abroad, it’s highly recommended to use international eCommerce platforms. Now let’s check the most popular international eCommerce platforms of 2019.


Shopify represents an excellent eCommerce platform for beginner small business owners that don’t have very specific requirements. This is the perfect eCommerce option if we take a look at the price and the things you can get for the price. At the moment, users can choose from more than 1000 templates for their online stores. Additionally, they can also use one or more of the applications found in Shopify’s store. There are over 1500 apps at this moment. Don’t forget that it’s very easy to integrate your online store with a Facebook page if you are using Shopify. These are just some of the reasons why over half a million eCommerce websites today are managed through Shopify.


There are many indicators that make Magento the most used eCommerce platforms for international users at least when we take specific categories of merchants into account. Magento is known for the scalability and reliability that you can utilize to improve your business activities. After all, that’s why this platform is used by famous brands like Liverpool FC, Huawei, and Burger King. With Magento, you can expect excellent user experience, Using this platform is easy and the same goes for the management of your website. This time, you will get access to more than 9000 extensions and plugins.

Big Cartel

Finally, we have Big Cartel which is a slightly different international eCommerce platform which is focused on artists and home-based businesses. So, it’s more like a platform for individuals, not organizations. Big Cartel was established in 2005. One of the most attractive things about it is that you can set up and manage a store with almost no effort. Through Big Cartel, you can access your Facebook shop too. This platform also offers visually appealing themes and comes with a detailed help center. If you are an individual artist, then you should definitely consider using Big Cartel.

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