3 Attractive International eCommerce Platforms

3 Attractive International eCommerce Platforms

Those of you who are thinking about expanding their business operations in foreign countries should know that the Internet has made this activity easier than ever. What’s even better is that merchants focused on the global market don’t have to use web development companies in order to create and/or manage websites. They can do everything they need with the help of a good international eCommerce platform. Of course, there are some platforms that are better than the others and in order to help you make the right decisions, we have made a list of the most attractive international eCommerce platforms.

  1. BigCommerce

Established back in 2009, BigCommerce takes care of a few dozens of online stores. That makes this solution one of the most used international eCommerce platforms. Small businesses and big business names like Toyota are more than satisfied with BigCommerce. There are a few things that make BigCommerce different than the rest of the eCommerce platforms like the fact that they have many built-in features like coupons, tax, newsletters, and analytics. There are no transaction fees either. We should also mention that with BigCommerce, you can easily integrate your online store with eBay, Facebook, Google Shopping and popular comparison websites.

  1. YoKart

The basic objective of YoKat is to help startups create solid eCommerce websites without spending much money and energy. This is a multi-vendor marketplace option that allows users to customize their websites. It’s also a responsive platform which has a standalone Android application. If you have any questions, you can use the help of their customer support team, but it’s recommended to check the detailed manuals before that. We should also mention that YoKart is offering a few different pricing packages. That’s good news because you can find a package that will let you pay exactly for the things you need.

  1. Shopify

We’ve saved the best for the end. Most experts agree that Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for international users, especially small business users. Incredibly easy-to-use, an excellent selection of themes, great flexibility – these are just some of the things that describe the world’s most used eCommerce platform. Shopify also has responsive customer support which is available all the time. You can reach them via phone and live chat. Don’t forget that Shopify comes with a built-in mobile friendly shopping cart. With more than 1500 applications to choose from, you can rest assured that you will enhance the functionality of your online store.

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